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Ann McDonald

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald is a journalist who has worked for some of the reputed print and electronic media house in the country. She is a regular contributor to us and her articles are informative and uphold the view pint of contending parties. She specializes in issues about social justice, race and faith and has reported about the sectarian violence which has erupted regularly around the world. Humanitarian issues and cases of human rights violation are close to her heart and she has a tenacity to follow up all her news stories to their logical end. She has been awarded with various awards for her reporting.
British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was trying to give a speech to highlight abuses of human rights. But, his address was dramatically halted when protestors arrived to stage a protest about Labour's response to the crisis in Syria. Led by...
At the prosecution of the men suspected of being involved in the Hatton Garden theft, the value of the goods stolen is now believed to be £25 million. Originally it is believed that £14 million worth of good was stolen...
Two former soldiers who were amongst the paratroopers, have been charged with murdering John McCann, an IRA activist almost 44 years ago in Northern Ireland, which has resulted in rage by citizens regarding what many see as discrimination towards...
A mum from Houston, Texas, has lots more than seven stone she put on during pregnancy after finding out that her cheating husband and his lover were called her "fat". The 34 year old was 18st 7lb at her...
During mid-flight, Virgin Airlines plane that departed from San Francisco to Boston was delayed due to the cabin crew realizing there was someone the plane whose Wi-Fi hotspot had been named as ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7.’ The Samsung Galaxy Note...
While it’s not yet time for outgoing president Barack Obama to hand over the keys to the White House to Donald Trump, the pair have come face-to-face to talk about the handover The new president of the United States, Mr...


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Big Sam will not face corruption charges

Former England manager Sam Allardyce says he can move on with his life after police confirmed they are not investigating corruption claims. Mr Allardyce stood...