Former England manager Sam Allardyce says he can move on with his life after police confirmed they are not investigating corruption claims.
Mr Allardyce stood down from his job as England manager after allegations published after an investigation by undercover reporters.
He allegedly told reporters posing as foreign investors how they could get around rules on player transfers.
Police at the City of London force had been looking into evidence gathered by the reporters but have now announced that while they are going forward with a bribery investigation, Mr Allardyce does not form part of that.
The 62-year-old has now issued a statement saying he was always confident that no further action would be taken as there was a lack of evidence against him.
He added: “The position of England head coach is the pinnacle of any English manager’s career and it was my dream job.While I am sad that my tenure came to an end early, I am nonetheless proud to have been chosen to manage the England football team and hope that today’s confirmation from the police will give me the opportunity to move on.”
Mr Allardyce also said he was grateful that his family and friends had supported him during what he described as a “difficult period”.
The Football Association (FA) is now likely to launch its own investigation after waiting for the police to finish looking at evidence which it will wish to examine.
Officials at the Football Association, English Football League and Premier League have all said that they are unable to consider disciplinary action until they have viewed material collected by the Daily Telegraph so they can consider it in context.
A spokesman for the newspaper said it was cooperating with the police and would hand transcripts over to the FA when given the go-ahead.
The City of London Police issued a statement which simply said: “Detectives from the City of London Police Economic Crime Directorate have reviewed material gathered by a recent Daily Telegraph investigation into suspected corruption in football.This review of the material has concluded and the decision has been taken to begin a criminal investigation into a single suspected offence of bribery.”
Mr Allardyce was the most high-profile figure featured in the newspaper investigation and was forced to stand down from the England job he said was his dream role after just 67 days in post.

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