Recent reports from scientists have concluded that within the next five years, a unique and astonishing celestial set of events have been forecasted to occur, and those who do not possess any type of sophisticated or advanced types of astronomical equipment will also be able to witness the event.

The unique event revolves around a binary star, which are two stars that orbit each other, have been predicted to ultimately fuse together and then will create a large explosion, resulting in a red nova that is said will be apparent to everyone without the use of additional instruments.

The binary star is situated in what is called the Cygnus constellation, which is located approximately 1,800 light years away.

One in a Million

According to a professor from Michigan based Calvin College, Lawrence Molnar, he stated that this event serves as a remarkable “one in a million chance that you can predict an explosion,” adding that such forecasts had never been done before.

Molnar’s observation and focus on this contact binary star has been ongoing for quite some years now, but in 2013 the star’s altered brightness was noticed.

Molnar’s research assistant Daniel Van Noord analyzed the data regarding the change in brightness, confirming afterwards that the orbit of the two stars had been reduced more and more as they had gradually gotten closer and closer towards each other.

A Prediction Like Never Before

Molnar says that such a prediction should be treated as a serious matter at this point, as they had even conducted two additional observational tests just to make sure that the data they had at hand was not misleading in any way.

Molnar adds that an extensive study should be dedicated towards the binary star throughout the next few years so as to determine the causes of the explosion if it does indeed occur as anticipated.

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