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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
During mid-flight, Virgin Airlines plane that departed from San Francisco to Boston was delayed due to the cabin crew realizing there was someone the plane whose Wi-Fi hotspot had been named as ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7.’ The Samsung Galaxy Note...
The vehicle, which is equipped with an electric powertrain based on Audi’s e-tron tech used in its “normal” electric vehicle programs, was developed by Audi in partnership with a group of engineers participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, a unique challenge...
France has announced it has created a new 4-year French Tech Visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors and their families, in order to foster French startups. This comes alongside their French Tech Ticket, which they launched in 2015. The French government...
Since the Great Recession finished in 2009, Federal Reserve policymakers have been attempting to juice feeble swelling, which can hurt the economy by provoking shoppers to put off buys on the grounds that they know costs will remain low....
America’s made in America bargains have been found to come at the expense of human costs.  The Washington Post newspaper showed that often immigrant workers were paid as little as $5 per hour. Increasingly, immigrant labor is used in the...
One of the largest money transfer enterprises in the world, Western Union, has confessed to not taking action with knowledge that criminals had been using their services in order to commit crimes. Such crimes include money laundering as well as...


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Big Sam will not face corruption charges

Former England manager Sam Allardyce says he can move on with his life after police confirmed they are not investigating corruption claims. Mr Allardyce stood...