Two former soldiers who were amongst the paratroopers, have been charged with murdering John McCann, an IRA activist almost 44 years ago in Northern Ireland, which has resulted in rage by citizens regarding what many see as discrimination towards veterans.

These new charges have been referred to as a type of bullying towards all the veterans recently who had served during the era of the Northern Ireland Troubles, which has been called the “witch hunt.”

Current Investigations

As of now, thousands of British soldiers have had an investigation done to them, which mentioned any type of abuse, along with manslaughter, murder, and torture towards Iraqi and Afghani citizens.

So far these investigations have resulted in millions of pounds being spent to further proceed in more allegations.

McCann who was killed in April 1972, was suspected in the killing of a prominent political leader and one British soldier, in which ultimately no person till now has even took to trial for.

After McCann had been shot while trying to escape a checkpoint, riots erupted for a while in which an additional three more British soldiers had been killed as well by enraged participants from the IRA.

The two veterans charged with McCann’s murder were assured by authorities that they needn’t worry about facing any type of allegations for this case, only to express their feelings of deceit and betrayal as they received news of their prosecutions.

A daughter of Corporal Robert Bankier, who was killed in Northern Ireland, has been shocked as well that the British government would even chase these two veterans, adding that it makes no sense whatsoever that all these soldiers at some point were out fulfilling the tasks that their job required from them, and that McCann shot her father and there is no doubt to think he didn’t kill any other soldiers either.