Renowned for his ‘Thought for the day’ program on BBC Radio 4, Rabbi Lionel Blue has died at 86 years old.

The rabbi was the first one to have publicly announced him being gay despite being a rabbi, inspiring others from his faith to follow the same path.

Remarks from the liberal synagogue known as Beit Klal Yisrael express their praising of the rabbi, stating that he was a truly encouraging and motivating figure.

Rabbi Blue allegedly had been in a constant conflict as he was discovering his sexuality as an adolescent, which eventually led to his nervous breakdown that resulted in his discharge from the military at the time.

However, while he was enrolled in university, he revived his Jewish faith and proceeded in it.

His Courage Spreads Around

Rabbi Blue then made his next move afterwards, by offering his full support towards groups such as Liberal Judaism UK and the World Congress of LGBT within the Jewish community.

Upon the news of his death, Beit Klal Yisrael posted on social media describing him as a wise, stimulating and humorous individual who has inspired not only those within the Jewish community, but stretching further out as well.

The rabbi’s humor with a touch of wisdom to it whilst expressing his own personal views towards how he practices his faith reached enormous audiences.

Nothing to Stand in the Way

Rabbi Blue was diagnosed with prostate cancer around the beginning of 2000s. Phil Pegum, a friend of the rabbi, decided to ask the rabbi if he would agree to having his own tribute in the case that he dies at any random instant.

Phil expressed how incredibly random this whole offer was, but went on to say that only an ill man like the rabbi could agree with such determination and persistence to go on to doing the best he can regardless of the circumstances.

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