After a young woman was hit by a car while standing on a sidewalk in the middle of Mission Hill, Boston on Saturday night, residents speak up and comment on street conditions that contributed to the accident.. A bouquet of flowers has been laid near where the incident happened.


Jessica Cosman, a 22-year-old former Boston University student was fatally hit by a car on Saturday night in Boston, while standing on a sidewalk. Residents in the area speak up about the incident, commenting on the conditions of the street which they believe contributed to the car losing control and killing an innocent civilian.

“It’s just really sad. Someone died just standing on the sidewalk. That should never happen.”

“It’s not surprising that a car lost control coming down the street,” Lindsay Jacobsen said. The area where the incident happened is notoriously known for its steep hills.


Boston Police say Cosman was walking with her boyfriend on Sunset Street before the accident. The driver who hot Cosman stayed on the scene after the incident and was not charged.

“It’s horrible and so tragic,” Jacobsen, a friend and Northeastern University law student, told WBZ. “I’m just concerned by this. A little afraid to walk on the sidewalks around here now,” Jacobsen added.

Residents of the area say that being on a steep hill and lack of necessary road treatment during snowstorms are definitely at least partially to blame.

“It doesn’t get plowed very quickly. It’s one of the last road to get plowed generally,” Erika McVey said. “They should definitely consider it, because it doesn’t seem very safe.”

This wasn’t the first fatal accident to happen on Mission Hill. In 2009, a Boston firefighter died when he lost control of the truck breaks on Parker Hill Avenue and hit a building.

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