Security officials are urging Berliners to stay indoors amid warnings that a second terror attack could be imminent after police seized the wrong man.

A Pakistani asylum seeker who was taken in for questioning following a truck attack on a Christmas market in the Germany city, which killed 12 people and maimed 48, has now been released.

Officers say that they had the wrong man and the real terrorist could have a gun, given that the original driver of the lorry, which was used as a weapon to plough through crowds at a Christmas market, was shot dead and the gun has not been found. Police have no idea where the actual suspect could currently be hiding.  Nor do they know if he was acting alone, or as part of a larger terrorist organisation.

Another attack is imminent

Now officials say there is a serious threat that another significant terror attack will take place soon, and they have told people in the city to remain indoors. Interior minister Klaus Bouillon says Germany is now at war. Meanwhile, the country’s top prosecutor Peter Frank says that they cannot rule out that more than one person may have been responsible for the attack.

The suspect hijacked a lorry, which was filled with steel, turned off the lights and ploughed through stalls as shoppers in the German capital. Traumatised witnesses say victims, including children were sent flying, while others were sucked under the truck’s huge wheels. The driver then leapt from the vehicle and ran.

So far, six out of the nine people who lost their lives have been identified. Although, Italian woman Fabrizia Lorenzo, 31, is missing and her mobile phone and travel pass were found at the scene of the incident. It has also emerged that following the terror attack, an ISIS follower telegrammed fellow extremists to urge them to launch copycat assaults.

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