A teenager was arrested for drink driving after her own parents called police. Shannon Downie, 18, had gone home to Westhill in Aberdeenshire after having a night out.

While she had returned home in a taxi, she then went back out to give a friend a lift home, even though she had been drinking. Her mum and dad had seen her leave and called the cops, who stopped her in her Ford Fiesta, arresting her on suspicion of drink driving.

Downie pleaded guilty to drink driving when she appeared before Aberdeen Sheriff Court, and she has now been handed a 12-month driving ban as well as being ordered to pay a £400 fine.

The court was told that her mother and father had decided to call cops because of their “disgust” that she would do such a thing. Downie herself said she had made a “ridiculous decision” of which she was ashamed.


Judge Secretary Michael Matheson said: “It is disappointing that some are continuing to ignore the law and put themselves, and others, at risk. Drink-driving is completely unacceptable. If you get caught you face a minimum one-year ban, a criminal record, points on your licence and a substantial fine.”

Downie, who is studying at college, will have her ban reduced by three months if she does a drink driving course. The incident took place on December 2, and Police Scotland said they do not tolerate drink driving.

The case comes as people are being warned not to drink drive during the festive season. On average, in the UK, 3,000 people are killed each year in drink drive collisions. Police are warning that they will be out in force to check for drink drivers in the mornings over the festive season, because many people are still over the limit the morning after the night before.

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