Last Saturday a fire in the early hours of the day completely demolished a mosque in Texas, which served as the same mosque that had recently been targeted for a burglary.

The mosque, known as the Islamic Center of Victoria, had also undergone several attacks of hatred years back.

A clerk that works at a convenience store near the mosque first sighted smoke erupting from the place of worship around 2 am, in which he then notified the fire department immediately.

The Islamic center’s president, Shahid Hashmi, remarked on the incident by saying that it is extremely saddening to witness their place of worship just crumble down completely.

Mr. Hashmi recalled on the event and said that the blaze was enormous and had taken down every inch of their mosque.

Causes Yet Unknown

Tom Megler, Marshal from the Victoria Fire Department requested for assistance from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in order to assess the causes for the fire that destroyed the mosque.

Mr. Hashmi states that the police have told him at this point it is still too early in the investigation to determine the primary causes behind the blaze.

Just Wait and See

The director of the center stated that they have no leads on the situation right now, and that it may very well take several days in order to get enough information on the circumstances for the incident.

The imam of the mosque recalls checking on the surveillance of the Islamic Center, saying that the doors had been unlocked and the alarms had not been activated.

Mr. Hashmi added that on January 21st a burglary had taken place in which electronics were stolen from the mosque.

The Islamic Center was constructed back in 2000, and reports have stated that no deaths or injuries have resulted from the blaze, and that the fire department had taken four hours to tackle down the fire.

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