Toronto’s Distillery District will be having a massive lights festival from January 27th till March 12th, free for the public.

Toronto’s Distillery District usually holds massive Christmas celebrations every year. However, it plans to extend these celebrations all the way till March this year, in “Toronto Light Festival”.

According to their website:  “The Toronto Light Festival is a new visual journey and an imaginative cerebral adventure.”

“During the cold, dark days of winter, City residents will be drawn out of their traditional indoor habitats to experience Toronto in a way they never have before,” they continue.

“The Festival exhibits the creativity of local and international artists and is a winter experience designed to entertain & inspire.”


Artists that plan to perform during the festival are yet to be announced. The festival plans to “display lighting creations of every size and type”, including installations “appearing to float in the sky,” as well as light sculptures, light canopies, neon artwork, futuristic lasers and more.

According to their website, the main aim of this festival is to liven the mood of a regularly dull winter in the new year. “We want to create something special and something that will lift the collective spirit of the City,” their website reads.

“In a world with so many dark and ominous messages, we want to create a positive magical urban world that people of ages and backgrounds will enjoy and look forward to,” they continue.

“Simply put, we want to help transform a moment of consciousness, from the cold of the dark into the warmth of the light (even if it can reach -20C).”

“We aspire to make ourselves proud and organize an event that is inspirational.”

The festival will stretch across 45 days from January 27th till March12th, over 13 acres, and 44 buildings, and most importantly, it will be entirely free for the public.

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