A sick mother who planned to let a paedophile rape her little girl has been sent to prison for nine years. The mother cannot be named in order to protect the identity of her daughter.

She plotted along with Stuart Bailey, 54, who she had met on the Plenty of Fish website, sending him a series of disgusting text messages. Cardiff Crown Court was also told that she sent a naked image of her seven year old daughter to Bailey, and even bought sleeping pills so that she could drug the girl before the planned sex assault.

The court was told that the two sent several messages to each other, but they were caught when the woman’s partner discovered the texts and reported them to the police. Prosecutor Jim Davis read out a number of text messages which went between the two, including some from Bailey asking whether she would be in school uniform.

Found guilty

The pair have now both been convicted of conspiracy to rape a girl under the ge of 13. Meanwhile Bailey, of Pontypridd, South Wales, was also found guilty of encouraging the distribution of indecent images of a child as well as being convicted for encouraging the sexual assault of a child. While the mother has been jailed for nine years, Bailey has been imprisoned for 13 years.

The court heard that Bailey had a pattern of sick behaviour in which he would encourage women on Plenty of Fish to help him to engage in sexual activity with children. In the vast majority of cases, the woman immediately stopped speaking to him online.

Bailey and the mother denied that they were actually planning to go ahead with any sexual assault. However, the court was told that the mother had bought melatonin and had carried out a trial run with the sleeping drug.

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